When using the logo or text for Shalthis Esports, it’s a pretty simple process.


While the logo needs to be displayed as a whole, the primary color is blue but can be replaced as all one single color. Our color scheme is Blue and Black in the above shade.

We also use Bourgeois Bold for our headers and as our font of choice.


While I want the SES logo to be as front-and-center as it can be, the rest is up to the player.

If part of our graphics team creates your header or avatar. that’s fine. If you want to use your own avatar and/or header, please get it ok’d by a senior member of management.

While we don’t require it, any member that wishes to change their name or handle to include “SES” is more than welcome to do so.

In articles, please reference us as Shalthis Esports before you use the abbreviation SES.